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My name is Michael, and my background is in software development, specialising in ASP.NET applications, clinical systems integration and messaging (Web APIs and services, SQL Server, Windows Server, secure comms, HL7, messaging, Service Broker, etc.). My natural habitat is the Linux/UNIX command line interface.


After several years working for the public sector, where I provided technical support for secure communications networks, I decided to take this in a more academic direction, studying computer security at the University of South Wales, and managing to earn a Masters' degree in 2014.

I'm a martial artist (Aikido, Aiki-jutsu and more recently Jinenkan), a selectively practising Catholic, a prolific author of half-completed software, a volunteer social worker and a first aider with the St. John Ambulance service.


  • MComp Computer Security (University of South Wales, 2014)
  • MBCS / BCS Professional Member
  • Tiger Scheme Associate (2014 - 2017)
  • ISTQB Certificate in Software Testing (2015)