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Base Camp Journal: Saundersfoot

Originally we intended to return to Meadows Farm, as we fancied another stay at Tenby, but the pitches were fully booked. Instead we reserved a place at Trevayne Farm. I'm not sure which site I prefer: Meadows Farm has a very nice view of the coast, and it's the only site within a few minutes' walk from the centre of Tenby. Trevayne Farm has pretty much its own beach that would be very quiet in the summer, being accessible only through the Coastal Path or the farm, and the facilities are slightly better.

The ground at Trevayne Farm can be a mud pit when the weather's bad - this is probably true for maybe half the caravan sites during the winter - but the pitches are gravelled, and the owners lay rubber tracks so vehicles can access them. Being on the coast, and with almost nothing between the site and the Atlantic/Irish sea, we experienced some very bad weather - torrential rain, winds strong enough to shake the Base Camp and a cold breeze in the mornings. That's to be expected in October. Base Camp Bertha has everything we need on a rainy day: a comfortable lounge with kitchen, TV, an efficient heating system, more than enough gin and tonic...

The entrance to the Coastal Path is just on the other side of the field from the pitches. One path by the gate runs past Waterwynch House to Tenby, one path leads to Saundersfoot, and the third path is the entrance to Monkstone Beach.

Neither of us wanted to drive during our stay, but it took much longer than we guessed walking to Tenby and Saundersfoot.


Robby said the ground wouldn't be too bad on the Coastal Path between the site and Tenby, despite it having rained heavily all day. It took us an hour of ploughing through mud before we reached Allen's View. Evidently one of the ramblers who passed by earlier that day slipped and fell several times along the trail. This definitely isn't the route to take when it's wet. Tenby is so much different than it was back in May, now the pubs and restaurants are open again, and the nightlife is quite active.

Two places I'd definitely recommend for meals are The Hope and Anchor and Buddha Buddha. The former served a lot for the price, and the steak and onion rings (which I normally don't like) were the best I'd tasted in years. As for Buddha Buddha, everything about it was perfect - I can see why Robby likes Indian restaurants so much. Some pubs in Tenby are better than others. The Five Arches is my favourite - it was relaxed, friendly and just the kind of place I'd like to spend a night.


The place hasn't changed much. It's still busy this time of year, all the shops are still open and the weather was pleasant long enough for us to relax at the harbour.

At night we had another very nice meal at The Captain's Table, where the service and the atmosphere are friendly.

Posted 07.10.2021