The SDP in Wales

The SDP in Wales By MichaelJuly 23, 2020

We have finally got together and started work on building the Welsh arm of the Social Democratic Party, I'm happy to say. Currently we are still quite a smal group - mostly guys coming from social, healthcare and government backgrounds who are tired of the way things are, and we know that most of today's protest movements are bollocks.

Long-term, we are working for a more communitarian society, based on social conservatism and backed with an economy that provides individuals, families and communities what they need to thrive. Nationally, I don't think it's overly optimstic to predict the SDP will get more seats than the Liberal Democrats within the next couple of elections.

I can't reveal the ideas we have at the moment for achieving this, until there's a solid consensus on our position on the various issues. All I can say is that it's difficult because we don't have simplistic positions on the issues du jour. For example, Labour and the Tories might boast about their spending on the NHS, but we know that simply throwing money at the NHS doesn't result in an outwardly better healthcare system.

Short-term, we need to break the Labour deadlock. Labour are largely in control of the Welsh Assembly Government, thanks largely to 'tactical voting' - a majority aren't so much voting for Labour as they're voting against the Tories. There are two ways we might do this: Firstly, get ourselves elected as councillors, and secondly campaign for electoral reform.